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Dalas Business Telephone Systems  has been earning its customers’ loyalty by providing reliable equipment and outstanding service of exceptional value since 1994 in the Dallas area. Our motto is “We make TECHNOLOGY easy.” This is echoed throughout more than two decades of satisfied customers. Our success is quantified by successful business relationships – not dollars and cents. Allow us to prove this to your satisfaction

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For more than three decades, we have positioned ourselves as one of Texas’s largest independent interconnect companies. Currently, thousands of customers entrust us to serve their communications needs. These local Dallas and Texas  businesses include lawyers, doctors, auto dealerships, accountants, manufacturing firms, banks, hotels, restaurants, and everything in between. Our customers enjoy the advantages that stem from our years of experience in the implementation of new and refurbished business phone systems. Here in Dallas Texas and statewide we employ certified, experienced technicians and engineers who are accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, in order to ensure your company’s infrastructural integrity. Replacement parts are kept in-stock to allow immediate service.

When we sell a telephone system to you, we first assess your specific needs and provide a quote that we feel is suitable for your business. After making a purchase from Dallas Texas Businesss Phone Systems, you will receive programming, on-site training, and keyset designations, in addition to the latest equipment.

Dalls Texas Business Phone Systems is more than an ordinary phone systems company. We truly offer one-stop telecommunications shopping. We cover all telecom bases from voice/data cabling (fiber) to computer network maintenance and implementation. Over the last two decades, Dallas Texas Business Phone Systems has expanded immensely. With the capability to dispense quality service nationwide and offices located throughout the State of Texas, we represent the most viable solution for all of your firm’s business telecommunications needs.

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